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Miscellaneous items

3315 A Regency copper hot water urn Sold Gone $695
3878 An Edward VII mahogany jardinere Available Brantford $620
3750 A George III mahogany cutlery tray New Brantford $270
3950 A pair of Victorian brass candlesticks Available Brantford $30
3952 A pair of twentieth Century brass candlesticks Available Brantford $20
3953 A George III brass candlestick Available Brantford $45
3958 A pair of nineteenth Century bronze candelabra Available Brantford $880
3836 A pair of bronze and gilt candle sticks Available Brantford $795
3880 A twentieth Century mahogany foot stool Available Brantford $420
3797 A George III oak cutlery tray New Brantford $350
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* Items stored in the warehouse can normally be viewed on two business days notice.


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