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4017 A Victorian landscape oil painting. Available Brantford $680
2276 A nineteenth Century etching of a church interior Available Brantford $420
3237 A nineteenth Century etching Available Brantford $95
3153 A twentieth Century watercolour of Notre Dame Available *Warehouse $280
2279 A ninteenth Century etching Available *Warehouse $225
3696 a 19th century print of Boulogne France Available *Warehouse $85
2151 A watercolour of St. Williams College, York. Available *Warehouse $280
1735 A Victorian water colour Available *Warehouse $250
2161 A watercolour, King's Parade, Cambridge Available *Warehouse $240
3704 A pair of Victorian watercolours Available *Warehouse $395
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* Items stored in the warehouse can normally be viewed on three business days notice.


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